Mission Vision


To develop working techniques focused on quality, trust and customer satisfaction in service for the elevator industry and to conduct researches that ensure its continuity. To be the best company in the elevator field, to be in the first place in Turkey.

Mission vision

Our Mission

To provide reliable and quality services, taking into account the developing technology and innovations in the elevator industry. To provide product use comfort and 100% life safety in the target audience.

Our Vision

A leading brand that maintains and develops the trust in Cihan in the elevator industry, and constantly increases the satisfaction of the target audience with its services in this field.


Regardless of the quality of the materials used, the elevator becomes an inefficient machine that disrupts its task in a short time if the assembly is not done carefully. A well-designed, correctly designed and carefully installed elevator will operate without any problems if its periodic maintenance is done on time. As an institution aware of this fact, we offer perfect service to our target audience.

Our understanding of quality service has gone beyond the borders of the country. As a matter of fact, we have a corporate culture that works with engineers from different countries of the world. Our aim is to use the quality standards used by the world and to put Cihan's signature on the elevator facilities that you will use for a lifetime. Because the most perfect elevator is the safest elevator.

All safety rules in TS EN 81-1+A3 standards are complied with in order to hit the CE mark in electrically driven elevators.

Elevators are produced with optional VVVF speed control and emergency equipment.

We have elevator production that incorporates all hygienic conditions with stainless cabins in accordance with food standards (HACCP).

Cihan Elevator, which ranks first in Turkey in annual elevator production, successfully serves in mass housing, universities, hospitals, municipalities, governorships, district governorships and many official institutions throughout the country.